35 Stunning Crystal Clear Nails That Are as Enchanting as Cinderella’s Glass Slippers


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess? If “yes” is your answer, this manicure style is perfect for you. These nails are just as pretty, if not more than Cinderlla’s glass slippers. To recreate them, simply combine а сlear bаse and а glіttery fіnіsh. You can add different types of glitter and nail charms, such as gemstones, to create even more glamorous looks. The more sparkle you add, the more magical and prettier the results will be.

You can rock this manicure trend in many ways, but here are some of the best ideas the Internet has to offer. This list is the ultimate inspiration for clear crystal nails that every girl should save on their phone. Want something simple yet glamorous? We got your back. How about something dreamy and magical? We also got that, and many other styles too.


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