Dive into the trend with these 16 stunning blue nail ideas for 2024! From chic pastels to bold blues, there’s a shade for every style.


Royal hues were predicted by nail professionals to be must-try nail art shades in 2021, and the blue manicure trend continues to create a bigger sensation for this autumn or winter season. “In general, saturated colors are trending,” Brittney Boyce shares with Bustle, founder of NAILS OF LA and celebrity nail artist. Blue is especially popular, she says, since it comes in a variety of undertones and finishes, allowing you to find a shade that complements everyone’s appearance.

Of course, if darker shades of blue are more your style during the colder months, go for it. “Bright sapphire blues are trending due to their more jewel tones,” says Boyce. “This looks great when we do minimal nail art as it’s so rich and gives that bold pop of color to make it super striking.” Basically, the blue nail polish color options are virtually limitless.


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