Dive into these 30 budgetfriendly short nail designs that look amazing and cost pennies.


Many people have their own favorite nail salons where they can spend the weekend chilling and having their nails done to keep up with the newest trend at such an affordable service fee. However, not everyone is that lucky. There are still many fashion holics out there struggling to look for that ideal parlor: one that could come up with the best nail designs at reasonable prices. For this reason, countless ladies choose to stay at home and do their nails by themselves instead. Though it could be difficult for girls who lack dexterity.

Painted False Nails For Clumsy Ladies

If you are not good at applying nail polish, try using press-on nails instead. As they are made of false nails and reusable, you can wear them again whenever you like. However, they tend to fall out after some time, so you should ensure that you always carry a substitute tube of nail glue in your purse wherever you go.


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