Elevate your nail game with these 30 gorgeous accent nail ideas! Get inspired and add a pop of style to your manicure.


Are you looking for a fun way to glam up your manicure game? If the answer is “yes,” accent nails are just what you need. This nail trend is making a big comeback this year, and it’s too gorgeous to ignore. You can play around with fun prints and add them to all of your fingertips, or just focus on one or two fingers. There are countless patterns and colors to choose from, but here are some best suggestions to help you get inspired for your next salon trip.

From minimalist manis to full dramatic nail designs, this list got your back. We also have many fun and vibrant colors, shapes, and finishes for you. Some of these designs are simple and can be DIY at home. But if you want to kick it up a notch and add extra glam to your manicure, we also have some ideas to help you achieve the ultimate glam look.


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