Embrace elegance with these stunning navy blue and gold nails for a touch of glamour at any event.


Navy blue and gold nails are the perfect manicure not just for the winter season, but all year round! Whether you need an everyday look for the office, something a little sparkly for a date night, or a manicure that will make you stand out at any party.

In this article, our team has crafted a curated collection of over 50 most gorgeous designs, in a variety of styles and different nail sizes, to give you plenty of inspiration before your next trip to the nail salon.

Whether you’re looking for a statement look for your long coffin nails, something simple to update your short natural nails, or a new twist on a classic like some modern French tips, you will find plenty of options in this article. We have included designs that are easy to do on acrylic nails, natural nails or even gel nails, giving you lots of ideas to choose from, no matter what your taste may be.


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