Embrace the allure of purple with these 30 stunning nail ideas! Your next salon trip just got a whole lot more glamorous.


For centuries, purple has always represented royalty and power. This rich color looks gorgeous, sultry, and mysterious. However, it can also look subtle, dreamy, and feminine. It’s a great choice for manicures as it can make your nails look stunning. A purple manicure can look luxurious or adorable, depending on what polish shades you pick. If you’re wondering how to rock this nail color, don’t worry! Here is your ultimate visual guide.

This list covers everything from short to long nails, simple to highly detailed, chic to dramatic. Want to look like a fairytale princess with a dreamy aesthetic? Check. How about a royalty beauty queen that slays? Check. Sophisticated ladies looking for chic manicures to rock their outfits? Double check. Whatever your style is, this list will have at least one nail idea for you, so don’t miss out!


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