Every Girl Needs To Get These 30 Trendy Green Nails Right Away


Aside from jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup, nails are another great way to vamp up your outfits that no trendy girl should miss. There are so many ways to make your fingers look prettier with nail art. Acrylics, gels, natural, press-on nails,… the choices are endless. However, to give you a start on what to get at your next manicure makeover, here are the best green nail designs on the Internet that all trendy girls should check out.

Why green, you ask? This color might not be the most popular nail polish choice, but it’s one of the most gorgeous shades. It comes in many tones and can go with a wide variety of skin complexions. Plus, it’s the ultimate color for sophisticated ladies. It’s elegant, royalty, and simply stunning. So if you’re looking for manicures that will turn you into the center of attention every time you show off your hands, this list is for you.


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