Flutter into the world of nail art with these 30 delicate butterfly designs perfect for beginners. Let your creativity take flight!


The 90s vibe is making a big comeback this year. We see it everywhere in the fashion industry, and manicure trends are no exception. Butterflies are a big part of the 90s trend and are a banger when combined with nail art. Not only are they the perfect symbol of femininity, but they also represent beauty, transformation, and change. What more can you ask for in a manicure?

Want to know more about this feminine and sweet manicure trend? You’ve come to the right spot, then. Here are some of the best butterfly nail ideas on social media that are too gorgeous to ignore. From vibrant colors to charming muted tones, long to short, almond shapes to coffin nails, this list got you covered. And if you want to kick it up a notch, we also have some 3D artworks that will guarantee to impress everybody.


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