Get into the holiday spirit with these 12 festive Christmas green nail ideas


Santa’s present factory is busier and busier as Christmas is approaching. I can see the elves wrapping each gift carefully and Santa Claus feeding the reindeer a scrumptious meal before they both take a long journey to the lively cities. Since our dear Father Christmas is trying his best every year to deliver our kids their dream presents, we should do something to welcome him as well.

Chocolate chip cookies and milk are great for Santa to recover mid-trip. A house filled with Christmas decorations will also help him feel at home during such a long journey. However, imagine how thrilled he would be to see you rocking Christmas nails in your sleep. You may be able to receive some presents, too. All jokes aside, I think it will be great to go all out to enjoy the most highly anticipated holiday of the year, and what could be better than some festive Christmas green nail designs? If you share the same thoughts as us, here are some nail inspirations that you may love.


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