Immerse yourself in 30 beautiful Turkish Eye manicure designs to smoothly sail into 2023 with positivity and protection. Let’s embrace the new year!


You’re definitely familiar with this symbol—the ayn al-hasud, malocchio, nazar, or evil eye—because it’s having a serious moment. Although you can wear it as jewelry, evil-eye nails are considerably more entertaining. There is no better opportunity to give your nails a seasonal change than embracing fresh designs and vibrant hues.

Everyone from celebrity manicurist Miss Pop to DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman have all been spotted sporting an evil-eye manicure. While it may look a little daunting to execute at home, don’t be scared. Using nail-art pens and a basic dotting tool, you can recreate evil-eye nail art at home with ease. You can add your own touch with different designs and colors.


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