Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of these 30 extraordinary blue nail designs!


Blue nails are a trend that has recently become popular. It can perfectly combine a timeless look with a modern trend. The best thing about this color is its versatility. There are countless ways you can rock this gorgeous nail polish shade. You can have anything from elegant French manicures to striking nail designs. Plus, blue can go with any occasion, whether it’s a fancy dinner or a birthday party. You won’t be getting bored of a blue manicure anytime soon.

Curious? Good. Here is your ultimate visual guide on how to rock a blue manicure. Stop wasting your time mindlessly scrolling through the Internet and check out this list instead. From subtle pastels to dramatic bright blues, we got everything you need to create a nail art statement that stands out from the crowd and expresses yourself. It’s time to step up your manicure game and make your fingers ten times prettier!

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