Looking for some fresh nail inspiration Check out these 20 pretty short black French tip nail designs!


If you thought French tips can only look good on long nails, you couldn’t be more wrong! In this post, we will show you how to pull off some gorgeous looks for short black French tip nails in a variety of different styles.

French tips are a classic manicure that has been around for ages, and it is making its comeback with a range of different colors. Some of the most popular updates for this classic look include red French tip nails, orange French tip nails, sage green nails and now even black French tips!

If you want a simple and stylish manicure, opting for short black French tip nails is the easy choice – they will suit almost any nail shape, and you can easily create them at home with a bit of practice. This type of manicure is very easy to pair with any outfit, and if you need to elevate your nails for a special occasion or a party, you can simply add some gemstones or additional nail art to make them look more festive.


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