New nails, who dis Elevate your manicure game with these chic coffin nail ideas that will have you feeling fashionable and fabulous!


The key to a gorgeous manicure is understanding what nail shape suits you the best. Coffin nails might sound scary, but it’s one of the most popular choices in the manicure world. They feature tapered tips that end in a flat, squared-off shape. The best thing about this nail shape is its versatility. You can wear them short or long, with highly detailed designs or simple monochromatic nail polishes. So let’s see how you can rock this nail shape to its maximum potential.

We have gathered the trendiest coffin nail designs online in this list for you. On top of being pretty, these manicure ideas are also practical and suitable for your daily lifestyle. Many of them are the ideal length for girls who regularly work with their hands. With these manicure ideas, you won’t have to be afraid of breaking or chipping your nails all the time. It’ll be a shame if you skip this list, so keep scrolling!


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