Revamp your manicure game with these 30 stunning short nail ideas! From chic neutrals to bold designs, we’ve got you covered for 2023.


Long manicures look great, but they can get in your way and cause unnecessary inconvenience. So if you are tired of breaking or chipping your nails all the time, short nails can be your next best choice. They are perfect for women who prefer a low-maintenance manicure that is highly practical. Plus, you can find countless gorgeous short nail designs online! Don’t believe us? Here is the proof.

This post will show you some of the prettiest short nail ideas of 2023. From classy pastel art to statement-making glitter designs, this list will satisfy your beauty hunger. Some of these looks are bold, while others are subtle. But whatever the case is, they are all gorgeous, so it’ll be a shame if you miss out on them.


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