Transform your nails into works of art with these 35 coquette nail designs. Get inspired and copy your favorite look right now!


It’s dainty, nostalgic, and vintage in nature. Think Lana Del Ray, who is definitely one of the leaders of the coquette trend. Among other dainty silhouettes from brands such as Pretties and Brandy Melville, pointelle knits, frilly dresses, corsets, and lace tank tops were extremely popular during this coquette revival.

Summertime, youthfulness, and love are the characteristics of the aesthetic. Coquette clothing has a very relaxed and whimsical silhouette. Pastel and candy colors dominate the color palette. It’s all things vintage, soft, and young. The Coquette brand interprets nostalgic summer fashion uniquely, though it can be used in just about any season.


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