Upgrade your DIY aesthetic with these lovely and simple toe nail designs! Elevate your look effortlessly.


Having lovely nail designs that are always trendy is every girl’s dream come true. However, not everyone has the privilege of spending 24 hours at a nail parlor each week. Aside from the limited “financial strength” of our credit card, we also do not have that much time to spend. Mothers need to take care of their kids. Business ladies need to attend various meetings and keep up with their work schedules. Artists need to have some time of their own to create masterpieces. Hence, sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands.

Painting your own toe nails is a task that even a little girl can do. Actually, she may enjoy it. However, decorating it is another problem. Not everyone is dexterous. Besides artists, most of us possess clumsy fingers that are not sculpted for drawing delicately fine details. Nonetheless, do not worry! We have got your back.


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